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  • Where can I buy the products from PanelPiedra in Switzerland and have them installed directly?
    Decimin GmbH is an experienced dealer and fitter in Switzerland. The company has specialized in the installation and distribution of high-quality wall coverings and elegant ceiling coverings. The company has many years of experience in the industry and offers its customers comprehensive advice on panel selection and installing the right wall covering. Decimin offers a wide range of different types of stone and marble, available in different imitations, formats and colours. In addition, Decimin offers its customers in Switzerland almost the entire PanelPiedra range. Decimin GmbH has an extensive network that is able to deliver and professionally assemble the products. You can also commission custom orders to ensure the panels are exactly what you envisioned.
  • How heavy are the PanelPiedra panels?
    The panels in the PanelPiedra collection are relatively light compared to other products. They are among the lightest engineered stone panels on the market and can be installed almost anywhere. We would be happy to advise you!
  • How complex is the installation of the wall panels?
    Assembling the wall panels is basically easy with assembly instructions. In order to achieve perfect results, you should not do without installation by a specialist or specialist company. Decimin GmbH is your expert for sales and assembly in Switzerland.
  • Are PanelPiedra panels soundproof?
    A great advantage of PanelPiedra wall panels is that they are soundproof. The plastic material prevents outside noise from entering your home. You can easily glue the PanelPiedra wall panels to the ceiling or wall. This way you get perfect sound insulation in your home.
  • What are the thermal insulation values?
    The robust and easy-to-process plastic material is extremely easy to care for, durable and has very good thermal insulation values. That's why PanelPiedra panels are the perfect wall covering for your cozy home
  • Are the panels frost proof?
    PanelPiedra panels are resistant to dirt, dust, cold and water and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. PanelPiedra is also heat and sound insulating. This keeps your home nice and warm and cosy. They are also suitable for exterior cladding.
  • Which panels are suitable for commercial spaces?
    It doesn't matter whether it's shopfitting, the hotel industry or trade fair construction - we have the right solution for you. Enhance your gastronomy or wellness area with high-quality wall coverings and create a pleasant and unique atmosphere for your customers. Cover your fireplace or your stairs with our high-quality natural stone panels and set special accents in your room. Design your wine cellar, your living area or your bathroom with high-quality brick and marble panels and create an oasis of well-being with artificial stone panels for your family. External facades can also be designed with our high-quality wall cladding.
  • How heavy is such a wall panel?
    Depending on the design, type and decor, our panels are approx. 2 to 4.5 cm thick and weigh between 4 and 8 kg. The high-quality and noble stone coating consists of polyurethane - marble dust mixture and can no longer be distinguished from the original stone / original material due to the detailed processing. Perfect look and feel underline the noble and luxurious character of the panels. A large number of stone formations and color variants open up countless design options for your home.
  • What are the advantages of panels and rolled concrete in an open-plan office?
    With the right wall panels, rolled concrete wallpaper and floor coverings, you can design your space according to your wishes and ideas. Create unique workplaces for you and your employees. Design your office so that it fits your company philosophy. With the right wall covering, you can transform your office into a place where your employees feel comfortable and enjoy working. Modern wall decoration made of brick or wood look is particularly popular and ensures a pleasant room climate. Innovative room dividers with a stone look ensure more privacy and can also be used as an acoustic partition. Design your office space with the high-quality panels from PanelPiedra in such a way that you leave a lasting impression on your customers and business partners.

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